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Coronavirus  Updates

Sunday 24th May

Hello Everyone
Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine between the gales of wind.
School remains open next week (with the exception of Bank Holiday Monday) for key worker’s children and for those children that have been identified as being eligible for a school place for other reasons.
If the Government announce on the 28th May that schools should begin to open to more pupils, our aim will be, to open for Y6 pupils from the 8th June. Please read the letter below for further information regarding this decision. ​
Please be reassured that parents will not be penalised if they decide not to send their child to school and home learning will continue to be sent to support your child.
We will contact parents of Y6 pupils next week to discuss their possible return to school.
Stay Safe

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Friday 22nd May 2020

Update for parents re: school opening

Parents opening letter

Dear Parent,

We felt it important to provide you with an update regarding the provision the school is offering in the coming weeks. Firstly, we will continue to be open over the Whit break, week beginning the 25th May for the children of Key Workers and also children deemed vulnerable, other than on Bank Holiday Monday. We are also aiming to re-open for Year 6 pupils as well on Monday 8th June as requested by the government. However, we are awaiting further information from the government regarding re-opening which is due to be released on the 28th May before we can officially confirm June 8th as the first day back in school for Year 6 pupils.

We can reassure you that Scalby Learning Trust are keen to re-open our schools fully and get all of our children back as soon as possible and we are sure you look forward to that day too. In order for this to happen though, we must stay mindful of the risk that COVID-19 may pose to our school and in turn to the wider community. Indeed, given the evidence presented to us so far, we have to state that we cannot eliminate this risk, only seek to minimise it by working in very different ways. For example, in order to maintain social distancing, we will need to limit class sizes to ten pupils. There will also be a need to avoid crowding at the school entrances by pupils and parents at the start and end of the day. Systems will need to be in place to address this. There will also be a need for regular hand washing and deep cleaning of work spaces.

Having carefully worked through what these new ways of working will involve, we have sadly reached the conclusion that we need to move forward more slowly than the government has requested. This will mean that besides being open for the children of key workers as we currently are, the only full year group we will admit at this stage will be Year 6. As previously stated, we aim to do this on Monday 8th June, having used the time beforehand to train our staff to operate in new ways and to equip ourselves with the appropriate safety resources.

The introduction of Year 6 only will allow us to trial new ways of working with our oldest pupils who will better understand the need for social distancing. The trial phase will last initially for a fortnight, with pupils doing half days for the first week and a full day in week two. You will be informed in a more detailed letter when your child should arrive at school and when they will leave.

During this trial phase, we are keen to hear feedback from you as to how this new way of working is progressing with your child so we can develop it further as need be. Contact details can be found on the school web-site. Then, once we have adapted to a new approach with Year 6 and feel confident we can safely move on to accommodate more pupils, Year 5 will be the next group to be admitted to school. The reason we will move next to Year 5 is because they will be more able to adapt to the need for social distancing than younger children. You will then be notified in due course when we are ready to take pupils from other year groups. I am sure you appreciate that we cannot give definite time scales for the readmission of other year groups, until we know how things work with Year 6. We will however, provide a further update for parents by 22nd June 2020 and in the mean-time, confirm the date for the Year 6 start as soon as we are able.

Yours Faithfully,

Cheryl Cappleman  Headteacher   Friarage  School              David Read CEO Scalby Learning Trust

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Monday 25th May 2020

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Welcome to Friarage Community Primary School’s website

Welcome to Friarage Community Primary School.  I am proud to be the head teacher at such a vibrant and happy school.

At Friarage you will find a welcoming and purposeful environment where children behave well, care for one another and love to learn. Our school motto is ‘Together we can’ and this team ethos is at the centre of everything we do.

Friarage is on a journey to ensure the outcomes for all our children improve rapidly.   Children and staff are working hard to develop skills so that we all become ambitious and reflective lifelong learners as well as being respectful and respected members of the community.

I hope that all pupils, staff and parents will continue to have a positive relationship with each other as we move the school forward.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch.

  • Headteacher – Mrs C Cappleman

A member of the Scalby Learning Trust

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What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I love science because I enjoy working practically. Our school has a great gardening club which I help to run. We won an award last year. “

Aaron, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I have learned how to do ratio and proportion using the bar model method. I love the CUC programme because I am much speedier at times tables facts now. “

Leah, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“My great-grandma and great grandad were in the WW2. Great grandad fought and great grandma made bullets. This is why I love learning about history and the past. “

Michael, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I love art because I can explore different concepts. You can learn to portray different shapes and anatomy when you draw or paint. I want to be a graphic artist when I grow up”

Evie, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I love basketball and table tennis because you can earn medals for effort. We don’t win at football because we don’t have a field to practise on but I don’t mind because I love football anyway. “

Ehan, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I like this school. I have learnt to speak English quickly; I have learned English in 10 months. “

Mirra, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I love to read because it helps me to get ideas in my head which I can use in my own writing. “

Jessica, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“Writing and maths are my best lessons. I like to get my punctuation and grammar right. I also like table tennis club after school because my skills are getting better and better. “

Jayden, Pupil Voice

What our children say in Year 5 and 6: –
“I got really good at decimals today and bit by bit, I am getting better. I like to look after our environment and I do litter picking at play and lunchtimes. “

Hazel, Pupil Voice